Lever-arm-type-stretcher SP 09

Lever-arm-type-stretcher SP 09
Product description
  • Used in the wire section of a paper machine
  • Increased drainage capacity
  • Parallel adjustment of the stretch roll via self-locking trapezoidal threaded spindle, vibration-free
  • Reduced wire abrasion thanks to reduced slip between the wire and the guide rollers
  • Area of use: Wet; basic material: high-grade steel
  • Adjustable positioning stroke through inductive proximity switch
Technical Specifications
SP 0901 / SP 0902
Max. actuating force 35 kN/ 100 kN
Max. travel 600 mm/ 750 mm
Spindle size TR 50x8 mm / TR 65x10 mm
Min. actuating speed min. 85 mm/min, 89.5 mm/min
Max. actuating speed max. 147 mm/min, max. 174 mm/ min
Diameter of bearing bracket (bearing bracket is optional) 80−250 mm/180−340 mm
Area of use Wet
Basic material High grade steel
Ambient temperature +10 °C to +60 °C
End position limiting Inductive proximity switch
Power 0.75 kW/ 2.2 kW
Operating voltage 400/230 V, 50/60 Hz
Current consumption 1.89/3.27 A, 5.1/8.8 A
Protection class IP 66
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