Fabric tension sensor EM 10

Fabric tension sensor EM 10
Product description
  • Integrated measurement in chain-type stretcher
  • Steel version for dryer section (optional high-grade steel version for press section)
  • High operational safety through overload protection using adjustable microswitch (for motor switch-off)
  • Different sizes and nominal measuring forces from 1 to 30 kN ensure a high degree of flexibility
  • Integrated attenuator prevents zero point drift through impact load and machine vibrations
Technical Specifications
Accuracy class 1
Nominal characteristic Approx. 2 mV/V
Combined error (hysteresis/non-linearity) < ±0.15%
Measuring principle Full bridge strain gauge
Nominal resistance of the full bridge strain gauge 4x350 Ohm
Bridge voltage nominal value 10 V
Output voltage nominal range 0 to 20 mV (at FN and UB = 10 V)
Mechanical stop  1.1xFN
Operating load 1.1xFN
Limit load 1.5xFN
Nominal measuring travel Nominal measuring travel
Nominal temperature range +20 °C to +160 °C
Temperature coefficient of the characteristic value 0.05%/ 10 K
Temperature coefficient of the zero signal 0.05%/ 10 K
Protection class IP 67
Axial transverse force Not allowed
Connection cable 4x0.5 mm2, Ø 8 mm
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