ELCorruMatic CSM | Corrugator Splice Management

Product description

The ELCorruMatic CSM (Corrugator Splice Management) System contributes to optimum corrugator productivity by ensuring that the double backer speed can be kept as high as possible for the product being run. In the case of a splice being required, the CSM System automatically controls the single facer speeds and the bridge volume to ensure that the double backer speed can be kept constant, even when a reduction in the wet-end speed is required for a splice. 

In addition to increasing the productivity of the corrugator, the CSM System also creates the correct condition for consistent, high quality board production as a result of constant heat input from the double backer and a constant amount of single faced web stored on the bridge. 

Increased corrugator productivity is further enhanced by the CSM System splice management function which negates the need to over-produce order lengths to ensure that adequate product has been produced. Due to the constant measurement of produced order, including the single faced web stored on the bridge, the CSM System will initiate all splicers when the exact order length has been produced and remove the sheet containing the various spliced papers from the process. 
The CSM System end of reel splice function automatically activates each splicer to  ensure that paper waste remaining on the core is minimised without the risk of creating downtime due to a missed splices, removing the problems associated with operators manually activating the splicers.

The ELCorrumatic interface enables order data to be automatically transferred to the CSM System, allowing the dry end operators to focus on other production requirements. 

Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Increased Corrugator Productivity
  • Increased Conversion Productivity
  • Increased Finished Box Performance