EL-Thickness C-Frame

Product description
  • Contactless online thickness measurement for rubber webs 
  • Precise detection of the web thickness based on laser triangulation technology
  • Between 1 and 3 measurement points can be selected
  • Reduction in rejects and maximum quality assurance
  • Minimized thermal expansion and susceptibility to vibration through the use of a granite frame
  • Maximum accuracy through interval-dependent in-situ calibration
  • Manual or motorized positioning of sensors is possible
Technical Specifications
Material width 450 - 2000 mm
Web speed Max. 100 m/min
Profile thickness Up to 8 mm
Laser sensor Point sensor
Scan frequency < 4 kHz
Laser class 2 (no designated laser safety officer required)
Repeat accuracy thickness for reference measurement ±0.005 mm
Measuring thickness for reference measurement ±0.010 mm
Interface EtherNet/IP / Profibus / Profinet / CC Link / Device net
Relative humidity 15–95%, non-condensing
Ambient temperature +10 to +50°C
Operating voltage 115 – 230 V 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption ~1.5 kW (version-dependent)
Protection class IP 54