Innovative web guiding technology for the battery industry

The production of batteries places the highest demands with regard to quality, safety and efficiency. Countless requirements must be tackled. Exact solutions must be available for plate coating, cell production, battery mounting and multi-process fields. In this area, Erhardt+Leimer is your competent, experienced partner for the battery industry.

Convincing solutions for all key production steps

Whether coatings, calenderizing, extruding or cutting - Erhardt+Leimer has solutions to bring you forward. Just take our innovative ELTIM surface weight measuring system. As the world's first contactless, non-radiometric real time measuring system, it can help our customers in the battery industry to detect errors in the coating application at an early stage and to avoid them. Thus you can obtain safety in the process and secure your investment, while, at the same time, producing a safe end product for your customers. 

PRODUCT OVERVIEW for the battery industry