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The ELCorrVision-Pattern system automatically checks complex contours, print and die cut patterns during packaging production. In this way, reproducible quality is ensured during the manufacture of sheets of corrugated cardboard and during subsequent processing to produce high-quality folding cardboard boxes. Our high-resolution color camera can be mounted in a stationary position for inspection of a defined area, or it can be integrated in a moving holder to enable inspection of the full width. Depending on the requirements in the application, the ELCorrVision-Pattern can be configured with several cameras to increase the number of repeats checked and/or the resolution of the defects detected. The ELCorrVision-Pattern uses a master template to determine any deviations in the product quality. The system is programmable to ensure measures are taken if target tolerances are not achieved. Output signals are available that make the automatic removal of faulty sheets possible at a series of process points or manual removal if there is an alarm signal. A further option is the logging of data for faulty sheets.

Area of use

Checking of the printing and punching registers


In the corrugated cardboard plant as well as at various positions during further processing depending on the plant specification.

Pattern inspection systems

Checking of the printing and die.cut registers ELCorrVision-Pattern PGS

The system checks complex contours, print patterns, and die-cut patterns during production of packaging.

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