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The production of batteries requires particularly high accuracy and precision while guiding material webs through the production process. We have developed specific battery-related technologies and  battery-conform systems in terms of used materials to meet the special requirements and support our customers during all key production steps in the battery industry. Moreover, due to our worldwide sales and service network and our experienced battery experts, we are right there, whenever and wherever you need us.

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Thomas Grimm
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Coating System – Constant coating thickness for top quality

The coating of the copper or aluminum web is a core process in battery production. The carrier film must always be run in the center of the coating unit and through the machine. Only this guarantees that the top and bottom coating are exactly opposite each other. Just as important for continuous quality is the constant web tension in all the process steps. The ELTIM surface weight measurement before and after the coating head ensures a constant application of the coating.

Press/Calender - Using the optimum force to get the correct thickness

During calendering, the coating of a copper or aluminum foil is compacted between rotating pairs of rollers. A defined line pressure is of decisive importance for a constant thickness of the overall material and a homogenous coating. E+L web guiding systems ensure a precise position while the web is fed through the calender gap, and the web tension control ensures the correct web tension.

Slitter/Rewinder – Precise cutting of multiple panels

Cutting is a separation operation in which a wide electrode strip (mother coil) is divided up into multiple panels. The cutting operation can be performed thermally with a laser cut or mechanically with rotating blades. For both cutting technologies, it is important that the web edge is fed precisely in the cutting station. Besides the web position, constant web tension is crucial for consistent quality.

Notching Machine - Using the right tools to get the desired shape

During notching, the contact connections of the coated aluminum or copper strips are punched out. This can be done mechanically or using lasers. During this process it is important that the panel is fed to the punching tool according to the guiding criterion.

Assembling/Lamination System – Perfect stacking of all webs

Assembling and laminating systems combine copper and aluminum foils and separator films. Here, E+L web guiding and web tension control systems can provide support with the highest level of accuracy and guarantee consistent high quality when the cell is put together.