Industry 4.0 made by Erhardt+Leimer

Industry 4.0 made by Erhardt+Leimer
Industry 4.0 made by Erhardt+Leimer

For almost 100 years, we have been optimizing the production processes of our customers with the help of innovative automation solutions. As one of the world leaders in web automation technology, we make numerous solutions available using the benefits of digital networking. Thus, we can help our customers to produce goods in a more efficient, more effective and more sustainable manner. 

Take the next step with us – with Industry 4.0 made by Erhardt+Leimer. 


Industry 4.0 – we're on the way Today and tomorrow


Our digital control systems and the corresponding components have been "i4.0 ready" since 1995. Our products...

  • work together in an intelligent manner in networks,
  • communicate reliably with the devices of our customers,
  • back up and restore device and system data,
  • offer both direct and remote access for Service and
  • can be functionally expanded in a simple manner via the Data Master or Soft PLC.


We at Erhardt+Leimer want to be in the vanguard of Industry 4.0. In so doing, we are concentrating on solutions which actively support our customers.

By the 100th anniversary of our foundation in 2019, we wish to

  • further expand and improve the digital options for the support of our customers - for example, in the field of web-based management and predictive maintenance.
  • Help our customers further, through the use of hi-tech analysis tools, to optimize their processes, reduce failure times and secure quality in a sustainable manner.

Technology of the future for the automation of your production processes


Erhardt+Leimer connects the real world with the virtual world for efficiently and intelligently networked production thanks to innovative technologies.

Independent of time and location

With the systems for web control and monitoring from Erhardt+Leimer, you can monitor and control your production process on an ongoing basis from anywhere in the world.


Our components match themselves flexibly to new requirements, e.g. on work order changes - minimize retooling times and guarantee efficient production.

Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0

Individually matched

We can offer you scalable solutions, which are individually matched to your requirements and integrate themselves perfectly into your processes.

Looking ahead

With innovative solutions, we take service to the next level. Instead of reacting only when something stops working, we continuously analyze your systems and carry out predictive maintenance.

Ready for the future

We are one of the world leaders in technology for the production on moving webs. This guarantees optimum support in implementing Industry 4.0.


Our strategy - your benefit

Systems organizing themselves, the "smart factory", optimization in all areas - there's still a lot of ground to cover before we get there. We will go along this path step by step and will take you with us as we go. At the heart are solutions which can be flexibly integrated into your production process and move you forward immediately in your daily work.


Take your next step!

You would like to know more about Industry 4.0 made by Erhardt+Leimer? Just fill out the contact form and send it to us. We will contact you immediately.


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